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Gospel (Emoji-vangelism) Wristbands, 25-Pack

Gospel (Emoji-vangelism) Wristbands, 25-Pack

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Gospel (Emoji-vangelism) Wristbands - Share Your Faith Anywhere, Anytime, with Anyone! 

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Unleash the power of symbols in evangelism with our innovative Gospel (Emoji-vangelism) Wristbands. These wristbands aren't just fashionable accessories; they are powerful tools for sharing the Gospel in a modern, relatable way. With a series of simple yet profound emojis ❤️➗✝️❓, these wristbands make faith conversations accessible and engaging for everyone, everywhere.

Instant Gospel Access: The wristband includes a website,, where the Gospel is clearly explained, along with a downloadable PDF for deeper understanding.

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Embrace a new way of sharing your faith with our Gospel (Emoji-vangelism) Wristbands. Get yours today and start spreading the message of love and salvation in a language everyone understands – emojis!


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